Source code for tensorboardX.utils

# Functions for converting
[docs]def figure_to_image(figures, close=True): """Render matplotlib figure to numpy format. Note that this requires the ``matplotlib`` package. Args: figure (matplotlib.pyplot.figure) or list of figures: figure or a list of figures close (bool): Flag to automatically close the figure Returns: numpy.array: image in [CHW] order """ import numpy as np try: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib.backends.backend_agg as plt_backend_agg except ModuleNotFoundError: print('please install matplotlib') def render_to_rgb(figure): canvas = plt_backend_agg.FigureCanvasAgg(figure) canvas.draw() data = np.frombuffer(canvas.buffer_rgba(), dtype=np.uint8) w, h = figure.canvas.get_width_height() image_hwc = data.reshape([h, w, 4])[:, :, 0:3] image_chw = np.moveaxis(image_hwc, source=2, destination=0) if close: plt.close(figure) return image_chw if not isinstance(figures, list): image = render_to_rgb(figures) return image else: images = [render_to_rgb(figure) for figure in figures] return np.stack(images)
def graphviz_to_image(): pass